Sixth Sunday of Easter

The world will no longer see me, but you will see me; because I live, you also will live. -John 14:19

Todays Gospel is John 14:15-21

Jesus has promised that we will be present even though he isn't visible to world.

Jesus also said that he will parent us, guide us. "I will not leave you orphaned."- 14:18

Jesus promised to give us the Spirit of truth even though the world can't receive it.

Although is seems like Jesus is promising a lot of things to us, he will always follow through with his promises. But the most important thing is to follow him so he can fulfill his promises to you.

The risen Christ brings us hope, and a sincere invitation to love God and neighbor.

We go though many struggles daily, but the risen Christ and the Holy Spirit, walks with us through all these circumstances in life.

What are some struggles that you go through daily? How do you handle them? Do you look to God for guidance?

Please discuss this question with your child.

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God, help us to see you as our loving heavenly parent.

Open our eyes, hearts, and minds in Jesus. Amen.

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