Seventh Sunday of Easter

New Testament - Acts 1:15-26

Here Peter reminds everyone gathered that Judas Iscariot was wicked in betraying

Jesus. Judas Iscariot killed himself in a field that he had bought. As a result, the

field was known as the “Field of Blood.” Peter also tells everyone that someone

must be chosen to take Judas Iscariot’s place among the apostles. The apostles

prayed to be shown who should take Judas Iscariot’s place. They chose Matthias.

This is the only time Matthias is mentioned in the Bible. His life is celebrated in

the Catholic and Orthodox churches on May 14, 2021.

Old Testament – Psalm 1

Psalm 1 says we are happy when we don’t follow wicked ways or scoff at doing

right. We are happy when we think about God’s word day and night. God says

we will be like trees in a garden when we do this and do our best to do right.

Listen to Psalm 1 sung by Columbian German speakers. It is very fun and upbeat.

New Testament – 1 John 5:9-13

Here John tells us that those who believe in Jesus have eternal life. He also says

that those who don’t believe in Jesus as their Savior do not have eternal life. This

is very hard teaching.

New Testament – John 17:6-19

Jesus prays for all believers here. He is not just praying for His disciples but us

also. The 17th Chapter of John is called Jesus’ “High Priestly Prayer.” He prays for

us to be one as He and God, the Father are One. So we are secure that we are

one with Jesus and our heavenly Father.

Jesus also asks God to protect us from the evil one. The evil one is Satan. While

we should never be afraid of Satan, we must be aware that Satan is a real being.

He was one of the most powerful angels in heaven before he was thrown out of

heaven. Satan still has all his angelic powers and also the angels that rebelled

against Satan were also thrown out of heaven with him. Satan is the leader of these

fallen angels. Fallen angels are called demons. So we can be grateful that Jesus

prays for our protection against Satan.

Jesus tells His disciples and us that His words are true. Jesus also asks God to

allow Jesus to meet our need to grow in holiness and truth. How wonderful! We

know that Jesus has promised to help us in becoming all He wants us to be.

Spanish Lesson:

Hoy aprendemos en el Salmo 1 que somos felices cuando hacemos lo correcto.

También aprendemos que Dios se alegra con nosotros cuando hacemos lo

correcto y pensamos en Él durante el día. Lea el Salmo 1 esta semana.

Escuche el Salmo 1 cantado en Colombia en alemán. Es muy feliz.

También hoy aprendemos que Jesús ora por nosotros. ¡Qué maravilloso! Jesús

ora para mantenernos a salvo del mal. Jesús nos dice esto en el capítulo 17 de

Juan. También ora para que siempre esté ahí para ayudarnos a crecer y

convertirnos en las personas que Él quiere que seamos.

Younger Children Lesson:

Today we learn in Psalm 1 that we are happy when we do right. We also learn

that God is happy with us when we do right and think about Him during the day.

Have someone read Psalm 1 to you this week.

Also today we learn Jesus prays for us. How wonderful! Jesus prays to keep us

safe from evil. He also prays that He will always be there to help us grow up into

the people He wants us to be.

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