Pentecost Sunday 9

Old Testament – Isaiah 55:1-5

In these verses God is inviting everybody to a wonderful dinner where they can eat and drink as much as they want. He tells us not to spend money on junk food when we can have the best. These verses are not only about a dinner invitation; they are also about our choices in our lives. We often choose things that are soul “junk food.” Too much screen time is one example. It keeps us from connecting with people and God. This week think about your choices. Are you choosing junk food for your body and soul? Or are you choosing good nutrition for your body and soul?

Psalm 145

This is the last psalm written by King David. In this song David praises God’s greatness and goodness. This song tells of God’s love toward us and all creation. This week think of how you will show love towards other people and His world.

Listen to Psalm 145 below and sing along.

New Testament – Romans 9:1-5

Paul writes in these verses that he is sad his fellow Jews don’t believe in Jesus. Paul says he would gladly go to hell to save his fellow Jews. Paul reminds us that the Jewish people were the first to know God and His promises. Paul also reminds us that the Jewish people gave the world Jesus Christ. Remember Jesus was a Jew. These verses should make us want to tell people the good news of Jesus as much as Paul did.

Matthew 14:13-21

Jesus has been teaching a large crowd of people. They are out in the desert and there are no towns nearby. Everyone is hungry and Jesus’ friends are afraid if they send the people away the people will faint with hunger as they walk home. So then Jesus takes a few fish and a few loaves of bread. He prays and there is more than enough for everyone. There are over 5,000 people. This tells us that Jesus does care about our needs and will provide for them. This tells us no need or prayer is unimportant to Jesus. This tells us that Jesus will guide us when we trust in Him.

Below is a hymn based on Jesus feeding the crowd.  Its name is “Trust in God and He will Guide You.”   This week think of how you can trust Jesus more and how you can let Him guide you more.
Listen Below

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