Fifth Sunday of Easter

New Testament – Acts 8: 26-40

These verses tell of two different events. The first event involves a wizard named

Simon and the apostles. While the word “magician” is used, Simon was not a

magician in the way we use the word today. Back then a person who practiced

the “magic arts” was a believer in the occult. The occult is the ability to perform

miracles through the use of Satan’s name and his demons. This is why the Bible

tells us not to participate in the occult. Simon saw that the power of God was

greater than what he had through Satan. Simon envied the apostles’ gift of giving

the Holy Spirit and wanted it for himself. Simon wanted it to make him even

richer and more popular than before. Peter told him that the Holy Spirit was not

for sale. Peter told Simon to repent before God punished him for being evil.

The second event in this passage is when Philip meets a high court official from

Ethiopia. This man was in charge of the queen’s treasury so he was very

powerful. He was Jewish as he had come to Jerusalem to worship and was

reading our friend, Isaiah. He didn’t understand what Isaiah was saying so Philip

offered to help him understand this passage. So they had Bible study in a chariot.

The Ethiopian was so changed that he wanted to be baptized and Philip baptized

him. Then Philip was taken away by the Spirit and brought to a village many miles

away. Below is a video of this event.

Old Testament – Psalm 22

This psalm written by David is used throughout Lent. David prophesies Jesus’

sufferings in this psalm. So it seems odd to have it in the middle of our Joyous

Easter season. These verses are at the end of this song. They remind us that even

when we are suffering God still is there for us. They also remind us that we can

praise God and remember He is with us even in our darkest times. Listen to this

part of Psalm 22 sung below.

New Testament – 1 John 4:7-21

Here the disciple John teaches we are to love one another as God loves us. We

are reminded God loves us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for our sins.

As a result, we live through Jesus. John teaches we don’t have to be fearful of

God. He loves us. Here we learn that if we hate someone and don’t repent we

don’t love God.

New Testament – John 15:1-8

Jesus teaches us that we must remain, faithful followers, if we want our lives to be

eternally worthwhile. We need to remain in His Spirit. He teaches we don’t have

to do things on our own. We have His Spirit. Jesus promises us we will be

wonderfully useful when we rely on Him.

Younger Children Lesson:

New Testament – Acts 8

Today we learn about Philip. Philip was one of Jesus’ friends. After Jesus went

back to heaven, Philip went to many places telling about Jesus. Watch today’s

story in the video below.

New Testament – 1 John 4

Another of Jesus’ friends, John, teaches us that Jesus is love. We learn that when

we love others we love God. How will you show your love to other people today?

New Testament – John 15

Today Jesus teaches we must believe in Him. When we believe in Him, we will be

able to do many things for Him.

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